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AI/Software Integrations

Frustrated by disjointed systems? Our seamless AI & software integration unifies your applications, ensuring they work together flawlessly and save you valuable time.

CRM Automation

Burdened by repetitive CRM tasks? Our CRM automation solutions streamline your processes, ensuring accuracy and saving you valuable time.

Process Automation

Struggling with repetitive or time consuming work? Our process automation services optimize your workflow, freeing up time for more important tasks.

Lead Automation

Struggling to capture and manage leads? Our lead automation solutions deliver qualified prospects straight to your inbox, streamlining your sales process.

About Us

Founded in 2012 and located in Des Plaines, IL, we deliver innovative software automation to transform how businesses operate. Our mission is to empower businesses by streamlining processes, cutting costs, and driving significant growth. With AI, we take automation to new heights. With the advent of AI now automation can be taken to new heights. With a passion for technology, we help you navigate the complexities of automation and AI with ease.

Case Studies of Our Work

Here are some examples of the type of solutions we successfully tackled for our clients. From streamlining operations and enhancing customer experiences to implementing robust technology solutions, our track record speaks for itself. Whatever your business needs, we’re confident in our ability to deliver tailored solutions that drive results and exceed expectations. To see what we can do for your business schedule a short no pressure 15-30 min consultation.

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Lead Generation

Our development of custom software specifically designed to scrape data from multiple websites, aggregate, clean, and organize it, transforming it into qualified leads ready for targeted direct marketing campaigns. Our solution not only automates this process but also ensures accuracy and efficiency, empowering businesses to optimize their marketing efforts with highly targeted outreach strategies.

CRM Automation

Our implementation of a robust CRM system with custom software tailored to automate previously unavailable processes, significantly enhancing overall business operations. We streamlined workflow efficiencies, improved data management, and empowered teams to focus more on important activities rather than repetitive tasks. This optimized internal operations but also facilitated better customer relationship management, fostering enhanced client interactions and ultimately driving business growth.

Document Automation

Our development of software to efficiently aggregate and process large datasets, automating the creation of documents that previously took up to 45 minutes manually, now completed in seconds. This advancement significantly accelerates document production while maintaining accuracy and consistency, allowing teams to allocate more time to strategic priorities. This streamlined approach enhances operational efficiency and productivity, benefiting businesses by reducing time spent on routine tasks and optimizing workflow seamlessly.

Invoice Automation

Our automation of the invoicing process effectively resolved a chronic backlog issue where the company’s billing was consistently delayed by an average of 3-6 months. By streamlining the entire workflow, from invoice generation to distribution, we significantly improved operational efficiency and financial management. This transformation not only accelerated cash flow but also enhanced customer satisfaction by ensuring timely billing. Our solution empowered the company to overcome longstanding challenges, allowing them to redirect resources towards growth and strategic priorities.

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Our joy is to make your life easier using automation. Get more done in less time. Often, we’re too busy to explore new technologies and don’t even realize what can be automated. Let us help you discover opportunities to automate!

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The impact of Kaytech Automation’s service on my business was significant. The state-of-the-art automation solutions offered were impressive, and immensely helpful in achieving my goals.
Dimitris M.
James Group Properties, LLC
The service provided by Kaytech Automation is commendable. The personalized approach to finding the perfect automation solutions was truly appreciated.

Maria L.
El Greg, Inc.
My experience with Kaytech Automation was a positive one. They were genuinely committed to delivering practical and user-friendly solutions, which contributed to the success of my project
Anna M.
Ecos Properties Group, Inc.