Time Attendance & Access control System

Time & Attendance + Access Control = Efficient Administrative Process

The RFID Time & Attendance Access Control System is an all-in-one system that combines the power of access control with the need for time & attendance logging. Automating the tracking of employee clock in and out times makes it easy for your administration team to process payroll with accuracy while saving time. Whether it is an office, manufacturing plant or any workplace setup that requires employees to punch in and out, our system delivers precise logging that is passive to the employee.

Our Time & Attendance Access Control System gives you the power to control access to your main entrances, thereby allowing you to automatically log when employees have entered or exited. This information is logged and can be transferred to your existing payroll software program to quickly and accurately process employee payroll. No more punch cards, guessing, our double data entry. Upon access of any door, the employee action is logged to help you track time & attendance. The system is powered by three key components:

Standalone RFID

  • Card storage : 30000
  • Transactions Storage : 2,00,000
  • Display : 3.5* TFT
  • Identification Speed : <=0.1sec
  • Communication : TCP/IP, RS232/485

Standalone Fingerprint

  • Fingerprints Users: 3000
  • Card storage : 30000
  • Transactions Storage : 1,00,000
  • Display : 3 color TFT
  • Fingerprint Sensor : 500 DPI Optical Sensor
  • Communication : TCP/IP, RS232/485


  • Face capacity :1,200 (1:n),3000(1:1),(Optical)
  • Fingerprint Templates :2000(optional 4000)
  • Card Storage : 10000
  • Transaction Storage : 1,00,000\cpu :1.0ghz
  • Display : 4.3 –Inch Touch Screen
  • Fingerprint Sensor : 500 DPI Optical Sensor

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