Portable Data Collection Unit For Guard Patrol

MT 100 is a fingerprint and RFID card Device, specialized for standalone time and attendance. The portable feature and long battery life makes it perfect for off-site time management. While tracking time and attendance (labour costs accurately, it helps increase in managing a mobile workforce on remote sites

MT100 is standard device with eTimeTrackLite T&A software, This MT100 portable time and attendance is highly demanded in Teachers, Student Roster Verification, Construction Sites, Logistic Industries, Large Farms, and the Mining Industry etc..

What eSSL etimetracklite Mt 100 device software?

This software is used to connect the MT 100 device which is a standalone time and attendance device. It is also used to get the log records.

eSSL etime tracklite MT100 device software deals with the security provided at particular premises from the unauthenticated or unwanted users. This electronic solution can overcome the various flaws that were initially faced by the primitive security methods to check the users at particular premises.

Nowadays, in most organizations this system consists of users scribbling their name in a paper book . Instead, this Software will assist you the professionalized way in which you get attendance log records of your users. This software is a complete service to improve the efficiency, productivity, security and customer satisfaction.

eSSL etimetracklite MT100 device software features: -

  • Synchronize the database with etimetracklite software.
  • Add, edit, delete device
  • Upload/download the users.
  • Download fingerprints.
  • Download logs.
  • Clear logs.


  • IP 65 rated water resistance & dust proof
  • Also can be used for time & Attendance
  • Gives report as where guard has done patrolling
  • Reduce Security guard cost& less number of security person
  • Low power consumption, Standby 7 DAYS
  • Fingerprint Authentication,accurate & environment

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