We are GPS specialists. We deal only with GPS, sensors (RFID, Fuel, Temperature, Load, Door) and related solutions. This focus made us no 1 fastest growing GPS provider in India. It helped us to give best quality product at a better cost than any competitor in the market. As you know this market is infested with so many counterfeit products, poor quality cheap software sourced from cheapest people, its very difficult to identify original and genuine supplier who supplies all brand GPS devices that too in whole sale price along with server software platform made in India.


  • Live Monitoring
  • Over Speech Report
  • Vibration Alert
  • Mileage Report
  • GEO-FENCE features
  • Emergency alert (SOS Features)
  • Halt Report
  • Fuel Cut-off Report
  • One Breath(One way voice)
  • One Year Backup (play Back)

Whats makes us best in this market ?

  • Less Theft
  • Reduce operation expenses
  • Cutting Costs on labor
  • Enhanced Safety for personnel
  • Less money spent on fuel cost
  • Maximize vehicle utilization
  • Improved Job Performance
  • Manage Your drivers effectively
  • Increase the number of trips
  • Better Customer Service
  • Less money spent on repairs
  • More productivity on the road

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