Electronic Weighing Machines

Elector-mechanical machines are weighing machines that were conventionally mechanical, but were either added on, or manufactured with electronic capabilities.

The latest trend in weighing machines, these are sought after for their pin-point accuracy and other additional features like amount calculation and billing.

We service two segments in electronic weighing machines:

Industrial segment: From heavy duty machinaries to cryogenic engine fuel at Freezing Temperature to counting machines, we do it all.

Retail segment: We manufacture complete

PoP ( Point of Purchase )solutions that weigh, count, bill, and even generate sales reports for you at the end of the day with authorization.

Industrial Weighing Machines

Industrial Segment - High Precision Laboratory Weighing Balance , Heavy Duty Platform Weighing Machines, Ratio - Counting & Weighing Machines , Heavy - Duty Dormant Weighing Machines, Convention of Mechanical Dormant in to Electro Mechanical With Intelligent Terminal Billing & Printing Machine optional ( Customized Solutions )


Vibrating steel yard, no loose weight, clear graduations on Stainless Steel inclined index plate, main poise on steel rollers cannot travel beyond zero. Steel notch protects bar. Notches accurately cut by special machinery. Tumbler locking device Minor poise slides on a rigid brass index bar.

The lever system enclosed in a strong cast iron frame is capable of withstanding loads for excess of rated capacity. The cast iron platform is mounted on ball bearing seated in beds on the stool to provide universal motion and avoid undue wear of the inter-changeable, hardened, steel knife edges & bearings which are easily replaceable when required.

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